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Animals. Certainly the most fascinating and at the same time controversial symbols. Their interpretations and connotations have changed drastically over time. In certain cases, their interpretation can completely change the symbolism or meaning of the artwork.
This is especially important when choosing a suitable gift or figuring out which is your spirit animal. Animals in a work of art - such as a piece of jewelry - should not be ignored. When an artist has included an animal in their creation, the symbolism and meaning of the animal are often profound. Animals can influence the intended message, but they are also glaring examples of the long tradition of animal symbolism in art worldwide.

Take a closer look at the meanings of these fascinating animals:



Frogs have lived on Earth for millions of years. For this reason, they have long played a role in the mythology and folktales of various cultures.
Frogs represent development, knowledge and experience. The life cycle of the frog and the cycles of life on earth are said to be interwoven.


Although many people associate the snake with ominous and even downright demonic associations, snake symbolism actually contains deeply positive meanings Snakes represent a creative life force. They are the most popular symbols of rebirth and transformation.
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The tiger, also called the "king of beasts," is known for its ferocity, earthly power, and fury. The tiger is considered by the Chinese as a symbol of strength, bravery, toughness and military strength.
Occasionally, tigers are also used as a symbol of safety, mindfulness and self-confidence. Chinese tombs contain tigers to ward off evil spirits.


It is hardly surprising that leopards are praised for their ferocity and violence, as they are among the fastest creatures on the planet. However, they are also praised for their bravery.


The panther has made a comeback in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as a symbol of leadership and cooperation. The feline has stood for strength and equality in comic books, civil rights campaigns, and even movies.



The most unusual spirit animal and creature is the owl. When you see an owl, the universe is trying to tell you something. This animal represents knowledge gained through intuition, wisdom, patience, seclusion and deep connection. It is said that wide eyes are able to see through deceptions and inspire you to see beyond mental illusions.


The unconscious or higher self, luck, change, health and emotions are represented by fish. Fish are also often associated with the element of water, which represents stability, balance and tranquility.


We are aware that dolphins are intellectual creatures with deep social bonds, much like humans.
Dolphins are courageous creatures because they do not turn around when attacked by predators such as sharks.
In seafaring cultures, dolphins are still considered a symbol of protection. Many sailors believe that the sight of a dolphin is a good omen.


The panda is considered a sign of good luck and serenity in Eastern cultures. When a panda appears near you, you will find that your entire outlook on life brightens. Pandas can help you express love, especially love for yourself, as they are a gentle force.


The butterfly represents evolution and significant change. The other animal symbolism that plays a role on the change front is death and rebirth. More specifically, your current self dies so that a new one can emerge

The modern animal jewelry trend is gaining popularity among new generations, making it ideal for wearing at parties and on a daily basis.
At Doralia, we have selected unique pieces from various Italian jewelry manufacturers. These artists have made it their mission to preserve traditional Italian craftsmanship while following modern trends.
Heritage and innovation blend seamlessly in these captivating luxury creations for young and old.

Features at a glance:

- 18K Gold
- G Color Grade Diamonds
- 100% Designed & Handmade in Italy
- One-of-a-kind pieces

We stand by the quality we select for you - Here is what you get with us:

- A certificate of authenticity
- 2-year warranty
- Free & Fast 3-day shipping from Italy
- Exclusivity: We are the only gateway to these family-owned businesses
- We negotiate the best prices for you

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