The history of Caravaggio began in 1994, born from the dream of Salvatore Ruotolo and Domenico Raiola to export the originality of the prestigious Torrese goldsmith's art all over the world. All our jewels are produced by the best goldsmiths of Torre del Greco, a city in the Neapolitan area with a long and extraordinary goldsmith tradition, internationally famous for hand-engraved jewels on cameos and coral. We inaugurated 2020 by launching new collections designed for the online sale of our items. Caravaggio is aimed at a female audience, endowed with grace and elegance. It is no coincidence that its logo contains a zoomorphic letter, in the form of a peacock, which has always been an animal symbol of vanity and pride. For its ethereal beauty it is said that it also symbolizes immortality, the same that we try to enclose in our jewels, endowing them with a timeless charm, which does not undergo the passing of fashions.

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