Lanzilao Jewels was born from the relationship between women and metals. Metal is understood as matter,
which comes from nature, takes shape, adapts and molds itself on the woman's body.




Sustainability plays an important role in Lanzilao Jewelry, taking into account the ecological aspect, social equity, understood as respect for people, workers and final consumers. Our raw material is built around the concept of excellence of materials, correct management of the processing and production cycle and product traceability, communicating to the consumer a set of product characteristics and observing the environmental and working rules of our company. At Lanzilao Jewelry we invest in our employees and communicate with transparency and humanity. We help, support and encourage all our resources. In our jewels, sustainability is also circular, following the logic: I produce, use, dispose of. More importantly, the world of jewelery has always recycled, starting with the recovery of metals and precious stones. The "Grandma's Jewels" are a testimony of how circularity has always been part of jewelry. Sustainability also means craftsmanship, training, recovery of a type of manufacturing and culture of the territories that is disappearing and their enhancement.



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