HOMI Fashion&Jewels has come to an end. These four days were filled with expectations, new collaborations, new friendships and so much more.

For Doralia, this experience was the first opportunity to prove its ability in organizing jewelry fairs.

Thanks to the great attention to detail, the continuous support of our on-site staff and the stable online presence through social media, we were able to meet the needs of our jewelry designers, who relied on us for this important fair.

Therefore, we would like to thank all those who work tirelessly to ensure that Doralia continues to grow and improve its services to Italian jewelry brands.

It is important to thank all those who every day put their trust in us and choose to collaborate with us, as well as the designers who chose us for the first of many fashion and jewelry fairs.

Herefore, we would like to thank:

  • Sylvie Doagio - Doama Bijoux
  • Elle di Muro di Ellence - la petite robe noire
  • Laura Visentin - Laura Visentin Contemporary Jewels
  • Cristina Zilli - Gioielleria e Laboratorio Analisi Pietre di Cristina Zilli
  • Fabiana Lanzilao - Lanzilao Jewels
  • Gloria Passidomo - Uo Mum Jewels
  • Chiara Fenicia - Fenicia Bijoux
  • Francesco Ridolfi - Francesco Ridolfi Orafo
  • Glauco Cambi - Sezione Aura di Glauco Cambi
  • Anna Pinzari
  • Ornella Pandolfi - OPI Box
  • Patrizia Marra - Maria Patrizia Marra Jewels
  • Liana Scarano

Our special thanks go to Matteo Dossola, who created the picturesque art pieces displayed at our booth, as well as to Elena Fontanella and Marzia Meda for organizing the fair and promoting it on social media.