Fashion&Jewels, Italian know-how is valorized by placing small artisan businesses at the center of an international event. Milan continues to be an important fashion hotspot and Doralia plays an important role by promoting the artistic and technical skills of numerous designers.

In our last article we presented Ellence, Doama Bijoux, Cristina Zilli and Laura Visentin.

Today we surprise you further and complete the list of designers that can be seen at the Doralia booth.


Maria Patrizia Marra

Maria Patrizia Marra was born and raised in Salento, in a country house with olive trees and prickly pears - just a stone's throw from the beach, amid the scent of red earth after a downpour. She was encouraged early on by her mother and aunts, who owned a small tailor store. It was just a game for her when she began to make her first piece of jewelry.

Then came the second and finally Maria Patrizia Marra-Jewels was established.

Her jewelry represents a bridge between the past and the present. So it does between Salento, her homeland with its fragrances, simple countryside and pristine sea, and a new context in modern cities with their fashionable nights and celebrity encounters. In all this, she has never lost sight of the details of refined craftsmanship that distinguish her bronze and silver jewelry.

Works on display

Bracelet and ring in the “Onda” Collection

"They rock, carry, cover, crush, destroy. Waves are insidious and enchanting. They drove Odysseus for 20 years before bringing him home again. It is pointless to try to tame them - no net can contain them"

The collection "Onda" consists of a bracelet, pendant and ring inspired by freedom without rules.

Bracelet and ring in the “Corallo” Collection

Although coral is becoming increasingly rare in the Mediterranean, it has been an integral part of women's jewelry since ancient Greece. The bronze collection "Corallo", which respects this precious underwater specimen and its need for protection, consists of individual pieces that are coordinated with each other.


The LANZILAO brand derives from the relationship between women and metals.

As a natural material, metal takes shape, adapts and molds to the female body. All creations come from the most diverse stimuli and the search for new, original forms for unconventional women who have not yet found what they are looking for.

Works on display

Green Lights: Ear-Cuff Earrings in 18 KT Yellow Gold Plated Bronze

"Riverbed by night. The water flows ceaselessly; the croaking of a frog lulls me; the grass is a soft blanket that envelops me. It is the moment when I look up and the whole firmament is filled with shining stars in shades of green. I am unable to distinguish dream from reality;
lights twinkle all around me."

That's how the "Green Lights" were born, earrings made of gold-plated bronze with emerald green gemstones. These single lobe earrings fit any ear.

Liana Scarano

Jewelry designer Liana Scarano, who has a laboratory in Bolzano, graduated in jewelry design from the Institute of Art and Restoration "Palazzo Spinelli" in Florence in 1992.

As part of projects co-funded by the FSE, she began teaching basic techniques in high
schools to young people at risk of losing their education. She creates unique jewelry pieces that are similar but never the same. She uses
spontaneous gestures that come from her urgent need to create.

Each object is made entirely by hand at every stage of the process, from design to finishing.The entire process aims to create unique, original jewelry, in search of that touch of imperfection that makes the artifact exclusive.

Traditional techniques are used to find and restore a personal vision of form and contemporary jewelry material.

Works on display

“Music in a Pendant“

A silver pendant with the notes of the fourth movement (refrain on the verses of "Ode to Joy" by Friedrich Schiller) of the 9th Symphony in D minor by Ludwig van Beethoven. They are printed on recycled paper with gold threads, red pigments and resin.

“Message in a Ring”

A ring of gold with the words of Shakespeare's"Sonnet 8" printed on recycled paper with additional gold threads, red pigments and resin.

Chiara Fenicia

Everything must be recycled instead of bought. This is the philosophy behind Chiara Fenicia's work.

As Chiara herself says, "I create my objects from pieces of iron that I find in markets, garbage dumps and often while walking.

"My rule is that every piece must be recycled and old, with the exception of some chains that I use to assemble them. If a piece is rusty, I do not clean it - I treat it with a kind of resin that protects the rust"

Works on display

Necklace made of iron, brass, copper, silver and diamonds

This necklace is made of material found in antique markets. Tiny diamonds are set on old iron, silver, copper and brass, melted with great joy to create a unique and original design.

Necklace made of iron, silver, magnets for latches.

Treated rust and silver combine to create an unprecedented symphony of materials.

The old iron acquires a new value and becomes a precious metal used for this vintage look necklace.

Anna Pinzari

Using the "lost wax" technique for her silver and bronze micro-sculptures, she creates warm
and vibrant jewelry.

Be attracted to everything organic and material, she reinterprets nature through wax and the fusion of metals.

Works on display

"Drops" Bracelet and Ring

These jewelry pieces from the collection "De Rerum Natura" are inspired by water as a natural element. The intricate, elegant and refined design conveys a sense of harmony and balance.

Uo mum Jewels

The brand name Uo-Mum is a combination of the words "woman" and "mum". It represents the evolution and continuity of life, which develops and transforms, like a baby in the womb.

The idea behind these creations comes from a personal, painful experience of the designer, the loss of her mother to breast cancer. However, she managed to process her grief and transform it into a positive message of hope for a better world.

Works on display

Gold pendants with synthetic stones

The jewelry design depicts a female figure consisting of three interlocking rings of different shapes. The last ring is round and contains a small glass lens with a stone.

The stones chosen by the artist are pink for girls and blue for boys, but a neutral color, such as black or white, can also be used.

The chain can be short or long, depending on whether the mother prefers to wear the pendant near the womb or the heart.

Glauco Cambi

In the course of his experiments, Glauco Cambi has always carried out a coherent, expressive research, ranging from jewelry to fine art. His work proves the possibility of a complex art.

When jewelry meets sculpture, it frees itself from its traditional fate of being an ornament destined to be lost in the whirlpool of trends and moments.

Works on display

Bronze and gold pendant with quartz and sapphire, neoprene lace with gold clasp

The pendant, revoking a spiral, can rotate a full 360 degrees around the choker necklace it hangs from.

When you wear it, it moves along with your body, spinning around its axis.

Bamboo bracelet

Silver and gold bracelet with diamonds and box clasp. This bracelet is inspired by organic elements. Diamonds sit in a gold setting at the top of the ridges that form the upper part.

Opi jewels

Ornella Pandolfi, who has always been passionate about art and drawing, collaborates with architectural firms, studies weaving and applies her knowledge to jewelry design. She uses ceramics, porcelain, silver and brass, along with weaving techniques.

Her pieces are handmade and unique, as they are born from an intuition, followed by the search for the most exquisite materials and her meticulous attention to detail.

As she says herself, "The jewelry I create is entirely handmade by me - I design each piece using traditional jewelry making methods and use hand tools to craft the pieces with great care and attention to detail. I select stones or design unique pieces from ceramics or porcelain. My creations spring from intuition, followed by shapes and colors".

Works on display

Coral and opal pendant

Traditional jewelry making techniques merge with modern contemporary design to create a geometric and feminine pendant made of 925 silver, fossil coral stones and blue opal.

Jasper pendant

This pendant is made of brass with a Maligano Jasper stone.
The main stone of this pendant is known for its healing properties. It gives strength and courage.

Francesco Ridolfi Orafo

Francesco Ridolfi's jewelry is created from abstract shapes, recreated thoughts, images and
geometries from nature.
Gold, pearls and diamonds combined with detailed and original manufacturing make his
creations unique; dreams and thoughts are transformed into sparkling reality.
The use of silver, precious stones, new external influences and collaboration with young
designers make up his world, where he can interpret an idea to the point where it is feasible.
This concept reflects both his starting point and his goal.
Jewelry is the key, in all its forms, from the most refined and personal to the most diverse,
born of collaboration and exchange.

Works on display

There two pieces exposed by Francesco Riolfi:
● Hand-carved solid silver collier with ct 8.13 ruby prism
● Hand-carved solid silver pendant with 3 quartz gemstones including carbon-rich inclusions

The two pieces are part of the same sculpture-jewelry collection called "Skycity of Bhujerba".
Its concept is based on the praise of Mother Earth, from whom everything is born and to
whom everything returns. It is she who sustains us even when we are no longer able to
respect her.
The city in the sky in the imaginary world of FFXII represents the ideal city from which the
artist draws inspiration for the bold and harmonious shapes that characterize his new jewelry vision


Article by: Marzia Meda

Translation by: Marianna Zappalorto