This year, Milan is once again hosting one of Italy's most popular design exhibitions: the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition.

What is it all about?

This fair has always been known for the wide range of participating exhibitors. In 2021, there were 572 brands from 25 countries, making this the largest diversity of design jewelry available within the European market. Emerging trends are created and discovered here.

It is a unique hub in Italy where design, creativity and research converge.

In addition, the trade show will present the third event of the exhibition series #BE by HOMI Fashion&Jewels.

#BEFREE is the name of this year's exhibition. The main subject of his fair is the freedom of artists as individuals who have always been able to express themselves and act without obligations. They do this by drawing from their own ingenuity and their purest creativity to design works of art that are bound to be remembered under the banner of beauty.

Doralia and its designers

For the first time, Doralia is also participating in the HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, presenting some of the most talented Italian designers and artists.
Doralia's product range is one of the most interesting and comprehensive, ranging from well-known jewelry designers to young talents.
Here are the jewelry brands that we will exhibit:


Art and passion come together in all Ellence creations. These wonderful pieces of jewelry encourage to go beyond the exterior by emphasizing uniqueness and avoiding homologation. Through her work, she inspires people to break away from stereotypes and let a first glance be their guide. An upside-down necklace can reveal a royal tiara if you break away from existing notions.

Each handmade creation is inspired by a variety of sources.

Ellence's piece "Let's Fly" was selected by curator Alba Cappellieri to be featured in the #BEFREE art exhibition.

Ellence - La Petite Robe Noire


For Sylvie Doagio, the Doama Bijoux laboratory is not just a workplace. It represents her universe and a safe place where she can meditate and create.

Craftsmanship and artistic know-how coupled with jewelry design bring rare, unique and precious pieces to life. Jewelry is a symbol, a memory, a bond, and a legacy.

Regardless of its commercial value, jewelry is an accessory that will always be loved and cherished with care. This makes it invaluable. Creation is thus a constant renewal of the pursuit of inspiration, innovation and new and old ideas that are rethought and revisited.

Sylvie Doagio - Doama Bijoux


Cristina Zilli's creations exude contemporaneity through rare materials and precious shapes.

Her constant attention to the needs of the market has allowed Cristina to interpret the desires and demands for originality and craftsmanship from her clients. This has led to the creation of unique works of design.

In her historic laboratory in the center of Padua, she designs and creates jewelry with rare gemstones that she collects from all over the world. She buys them raw and then cuts them herself, depending on the type of jewelry she wants to create. Her jewelry is crafted through the careful selection of gemstones. The gemstones seem to have a soul of their own that guides Cristina in creating the piece of jewelry that best fits their shape.

Cristina Zilli


These creations are unique, limited edition pieces made of 925 silver, quartz, steel, burnished steel and bronze springs. The most important masterpieces, kept in the precious Cabinet of Drawings and Prints of the Musei Civici in Bassano del Grappa, serve as inspiration for the new 2022 collection.

The refined use of ever-present metallic spring elements that characterize the artist's sophisticated world expresses the original and seductive character of this collection. The fascinating compositions are all wearable and are an expression of coveted femininity that is unique and contemporary.

All creations are designed and handmade in Italy by Laura Visentin and her collaborators.

Laura Visentin Contemporary Jewels

That's not all: Doralia will be exhibiting many more artists. Follow Doralia on social media to keep up with our latest news and highlights.


Article written by: Marzia Meda

Translation by: Marianna Zappalorto