From past to future, innovation is the one and only protagonist!

Passion and enthusiasm are the elements that characterize the work by Pino Manna. Goldsmith and passionate since he was 16. The goldsmith can exploit technologies that, combined with the craftsman's expertise, allow to obtain a result of a very high quality. Especially in industrial products, technologies have had an impact significant: they allowed simplification and speeding up i production processes.

"Every form of beauty that exists in reality, from nature, to art and architecture, can be of inspiration for the creation of a jewel "

Pino Manna creates unique pieces and also tailor-made jewels, where the technology turns out to be a valid ally to the expert hands of the craftsman. Innovation in the goldsmith sector has been fundamental in fact Manna invests a lot in research and development, in innovation, in terms of design, but also of research of new materials and new solutions. Thanks to that his craftsmanship allows to dream who receives a jewel as a gift. There digitization also allows to overcome borders to achieve a wider audience and at the same time allows you to reach your own reference customers.