HOMI Fashion&Jewels 2023



The February 2023 edition is just around the corner! Doralia couldn't miss the event that will set new trends in fashion & bijoux in 2023. From street style to boutique, the eclectic selection of accessories at HOMI Fashion&Jewels will be enriched by the jewelry designers of Doralia.

Once again this year, Doralia will have the opportunity to exhibit fine jewelry "Made in Italy" and showcase its leading collection: Animal-inspired jewelry in 18-karat gold.

HOMI will shine not only thanks to the bijoux of our designers but also thanks to the diamonds, gold, and precious stones of the handmade jewelry that you can find in our online store doralia.com.

Here are the designers that we will present:


Gaema pays the utmost attention to all aspects of jewelry making: from high-quality craftsmanship to the study of 3D design and rapid prototyping - all with an eye for tradition and innovation.

The dynamic and innovative environment of this small company allows customers to let their imagination run wild and design the jewelry of their dreams. In this way, Gaema's jewelry pieces tell an ever-evolving story, distinguished by their unmistakable uniqueness and design identity.

Find out more about Gaema Gioielli inout Artisans section


Emilia Siano, a young visionary entrepreneur, has managed to bring innovation to the family workshop. She has been passionate about leatherworking since she was a child, and today she produces modern jewelry and leather designs that are affordable for every budget. Her jewelry is perfect for a strong, confident, and independent woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Find out more about Libra inout Art&Design section


Trendy, 925-silver bijoux that are fun and appeal to youth. Susi presents its flagship pieces that are perfect for any occasion: from shopping in the city to an evening out with friends. The youthful and attractive design makes her jewelry original yet easy to wear. Quality and modernity combine to create accessories suitable for all ages and styles.