"Mastery and excellence: Il Sole Gioielli"

"Il Sole Gioielli", a brand founded on craftsmanship and mastery of the subject, represents excellence. Formed by goldsmiths, setters and designer, represents the Valencian district and is able to cover the entire production cycle of jewel. The company aims to pass on the goldsmith's art in such a way to be able to reach future generations and expand the “Made in Valenza” jewel, stimulating new talents. The CEO Fausto Speciale, is keen to clarify that the jewel Valencian does not only bring luxury, but it brings with it also the dedication, commitment and pride of those who have it created. Through "Jewel Run", an editorial video project, which involves a competition between two teams of young goldsmiths in order to create a jewel. "The sun Gioielli is the main sponsor, it represents the expression of the art in the creation of the jewel made in Valenza.

For me Jewel Run represents the path of enhancement of the human capital that each successful entrepreneur should promote.