The uniqueness and variety of precious stones is something that still moves today!

Gemstones have always fascinated mankind. In their brightness they enclose the Earth’s soul; through their colors, they capture glimpse of Nature and the World’s essence. Each gem is unique, has a variety of colors and shades. Some gemstones have inclusions that go back to their history and origin, always maintaining their beauty and value. From the light blue of Turquoise, the spring sky color, to the dark blue of Topaz that recalls the oceans mysterious depths, to the green of Emerald that reflects in the combination of sea color and flora, to the red of Ruby that shines on love and the greatest passions, up to the Diamond transparency and brilliance that speaks to dreams of purity, innocence and strength. Each gem is associated with a different meaning. Each of us attributes different values, emotions and memories. When the masterpiece of Nature is combined with the Italian jewelry-makers manufacturing ability, the most precious jewel is created; resulting from the union of Earth centuries-old work and man creativity. Wearing Doralia jewels means bringing with you a fine piece of art made of emotions, colors, strength, beauty, memories and heritage. Doralia, through its unique network of jewelry-makers, brings to life our dream to own a magnificent and unique jewel.