The art and the majestic light that the necklace gives us!

The Lakshmi necklace made by the Maison Pasquale Bruni of Valenza, has brought the art and the
goldsmith mastery of the Valencian district on the red carpet of the Festival of Venice.
The Pasquale Bruni maison identifies the goldsmith district of Valenza and represents companies based in the area.

The necklace was made with pink chalcedony and moonstone, with the addition of some white diamonds set on the tip of each leaf to create special light reflections that look like dew drops rest on the leaves. The setting of each leaf is made completely by hand, but only two casters inside of the Bruni company were able to perform this highly sought-after workmanship. The secret lies in every pavé stone colored. They have a different cut based on the position they have they will go to occupy on the curved surface of the leaf, which it looks like a leaf in motion, shaken by the wind. Running your finger on the leaf you do not perceive the step between one stone and another, it looks like a unique raw. In an hour, about 7/8 stones are collected on this piece, therefore it requires a very long process.