Inspired by Picasso's masterpiece, the Don Quixote pendant represents work and commitment, but most importantly, the sublime passion of the Valenza goldsmiths!

The incredible talent of the Valenza goldsmiths in Italy allowed the realization of Pablo Picasso's masterpiece Don Quixote, a unique jewel of its kind.

Why not transform the masterpiece of an artist like Pablo Picasso into a piece of jewelry?

This piece of jewelry is nothing but the result of the extraordinary hands of a goldsmith who undoubtedly has special skills in setting precious stones. His name is Marco Bortolin, and he has set this piece of jewelry in 18-karat gold with 1852 diamonds. And it is precisely the setting that makes the style of the jewelry of exceptional beauty. Marco's skill is shown in the fact that he made the 1852 holes for the diamonds with precise handwork and the highest quality. This allowed for the use of 8-cut diamonds, a very rare diamond cut these days. The Don Quixote represents pride passed down from mother to daughter to keep the memory of the authentic and exceptional work of Valencian goldsmiths alive.