The push for change: in the most difficult period of the last times, “Lenti & Villasco” aims at digital development

Danilo Lenti, CEO of Lenti & Villasco 1963, has decided to tackle a tough challenge. In this terrible historical moment, the company has decided to interface with digital platforms. The investments made by "Lenti e villasco" will bear fruit around at the end of the current year. To fill the lack of a fair of sector, the company will aim at the realization of small private events within the premises, in such a way as to be able to offer an experience better to the customer.

The artisan tradition is and always will be the main value of the creation of handmade jewelry in Valenza.

The company's goal will be to continue to guarantee a very high level standards in the production of high jewelry and beyond, developing the main office, we will be able to welcome customers both foreign and Italian level in the center of Valenza. According to Danilo Lenti, digital is an important aid in research of new contacts and in the generation of new orders, but then the jewels they must be of quality to build customer loyalty. Technologies 3d printing and CAD design have an important place, however the human touch of the goldsmith is an unmistakable sign of Lenti & Villasco jewels that high level customers appreciate.