Express your emotions and make your events unique by choosing a jewel!!

I believe that choosing a jewel is among the most beautiful and also the simplest moments in life, whether is an own gift or for the loved one. In treating yourself to a jewel you can start from the gem or the gold color yellow, pink or white, the type of jewel, such as necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings or its shape. With a jewel is love at first sight, it generates emotions, we recognize ourselves in it, it expresses our personality. The choice is simple since each of us has its favorite gem, perhaps associated with a particular color, or, recalls us of family memories and emotions, or reminds us of a film or story we have read or heard of. Each jewel, can be used every day, in every occasion or circumstance, we don't need to wait to experience a particular occasion, for example, a night at the theatre or a glamorous event. We can wear it at home, at work or on a shopping day, with friends or on our own. Our jewel expresses our lifestyle, it completes our outfit, it talks about us, how we are, what we want to convey to others or simply how we want to wear a life time Made in Italy masterpiece of craftsmanship. We know which jewel we like to wear or would like to buy as a gift, Doralia through its showcase allows us to identify and purchase the right one. It offers us a unique selection of masterpieces created by the finest Italian artisans in jewel design. The result is so beautiful that we will always want to wear them, jewels that will become part of our life and image. Doralia will always be by our side offering new creations and to satisfy any requests following our purchase. Customers are Doralia’s most important asset. You become ambassadors of Made in Italy representing quality, uniqueness and creativity.