What kind of earrings suit a round face? [Top 3 with 9 Examples]

When choosing earrings that fit you perfectly, there are many factors to consider, but one of the most important is your face shape.

With the right pair of earrings, you can highlight your unique facial structure and minimize less flattering characteristics. If you have a round face, you should choose earrings that will elongate your face and make it appear more oval. You may feel that certain earrings do not bring out the best features of your round face. However, there are many earrings that will look fabulous on you! Here are the top three best earring styles for round face shapes along with a few select examples.

Our team handpicked these earrings for round face shapes: They are all 100% made in Italy using the finest materials and handcrafted blending traditional and modern techniques.

1. Oval Hoop Earrings

Oval hoop earrings are always a good choice for round faces. They will help you visually elongate your face. Choose a pair that is not too small for an optimal effect. Hoops earrings are traditional for a reason - they have not lost any of their appeal. They are an essential piece of jewelry for any wardrobe, much like a white blouse or classic jeans.

Depending on how you style them, you can dress them up or down, making them ideal for the office, a night out, or brunch. The good thing is that they go with almost everything, you just cannot go wrong. Although hoops were once thought to be made of thin metal that is precisely circular, that is no longer the case. To make them distinctive and unique, designers and companies today have been creative with the traditional shape, adding extra frills and accents.

Here are our favorite hoop earrings for round faces:

Brushed Yellow Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - Electroformed

(Handmade in Italy)


Sleek 18Kt Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

(Handmade in Italy)

Geometric Silver Earrings - "Teorema" Collection

(Handmade in Italy)



2. Dangle Earrings

As the name suggests, dangle earrings usually hang below the earlobe, swinging from side to side creating an enticing, playful look. Their length varies - while some are longer and can even graze the shoulders, others extend just a little further than the earlobe. The design may consist of a single chain hanging from the hook and bearing an ornament, usually a pearl or gemstone. In another design, the hook may split into more layers.

These earrings are another good option for round faces, as they give the illusion of a longer face. Just make sure not to choose a pair that is too heavy or chunky, as you don't want your earlobes to sag and make your face look even rounder. It is best not to wear them with a thick necklace. Otherwise, the necklace will become the center of attention. You've probably noticed that celebrities don't usually wear neck jewelry with dangle earrings.

The following earrings fit any round face shape beautifully.

Rhombus-shaped silver earrings

(Handmade in Italy)


Aquamarine and Topaz Drop Earrings in 18K Gold

(Handmade in Italy)

Reversible 18 K White Gold Heart Earrings with Pink Rubies and Diamonds

(Handmade in Italy)


3. Stud Earrings

Stud earrings can be an excellent choice for a round face, but they are hit or miss. If you choose round earrings, they can accentuate your round face shape and look unflattering Opt for earrings that make a little more of a statement, such as a pair with an interesting shape. Geometric earrings, for example, can help break up the curves of your face. They are simple and elegant and do not emphasize your face additionally. In this case, stud earrings will help you create the illusion of a smaller face, and they can be worn with almost any hairstyle.

"Gaia" - Yellow Bronze Circle Earrings with Malachite - Alchemy Collection

(Handmade in Italy)


Abstract Leaf Earrings

(Handmade in Italy)

Pear-Cut Ruby and Diamond Stud Earrings

(Handmade in Italy)


No matter what type of earrings you choose, make sure they are the right size for your face. Oversized or tiny earrings will make your face look even rounder, so stick to a more moderate size. With the right earrings, you can rock a round face in style!

Be sure to try the earrings on before you buy them, or buy them from a website that offers free returns like Doralia.com to make sure they flatter your face. Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles – you might be surprised at how well a specific pair of earrings looks on you.

Our team at info@doralia.com is always happy to assist you or just give you advice on choosing the right earrings for a round face on our website.