18K White and Rose Gold Jewelry Watch with Sapphires and Diamonds

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Tinelli watches encompass a variety of styles inspired by different cultures and heritages. This makes them timeless accessories that exude luxury beyond short-lived trends.
The 18-karat white gold case of this jewelry watch measures 33 millimeters in diameter and is set with a beautiful geometric pattern of 147 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.32 ct.) and 104 blue sapphires for color and contrast.
Blue sapphires were sacred to the Catholic Church and to Ancient Persians, who believed that their reflections turned the sky blue.
Today, blue sapphires are considered a symbol of loyalty, honesty, and truth. In addition, blue sapphires are closely associated with the monarchy, as they can be found in the crown jewel collections of many countries, including those of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
The blue gemstone is the ultimate 45th anniversary gift and also the birthstone of the month of September. Moreover, sapphires are perfect for engagements, as they are meant to protect those close to you from harm. They also represent loyalty, trust, wisdom, virtue, good fortune, faithfulness, and sincerity.
An 18K rose gold dial is adorned with an inner diamond field of three circles and an additional brilliant-cut diamond for each hour. A gorgeous pear-shaped diamond dangles from the crown for an extra touch of elegance and luster.
This jewelry watch features sapphire glass, which is the premier league material for a fine timepiece since it is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. Although sapphire is the priciest of the three crystal options, it is the best compromise between transparency, durability, and cost.
The Swiss movement in this watch is the original automatic movement, which set the standard for both precision and quality. Swiss movements must adhere to certain laws that ensure absolute excellence and accuracy.
This jewelry watch represents the ultimate blend of Italian jewelry design and the finest watchmaking.

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