Why buy jewelry online?

High-quality jewelry is hard to find online. It's even harder to find small artisans online because they prefer to work in person with the customers they already have and have worked so hard for. We recommend avoiding prestigious names when buying jewelry online, because you are more likely to pay for the "brand name" than something unique. We know that customers who buy based on brand names are not readily willing to change their buying preference because they want to own something from a certain big brand. But we are sure that we can compete with them in terms of quality.

Where is your jewelry made?

Our jewelry is made in Italy. We feature products from all over the country. Our artisans come from the main Italian luxury districts such as: Valenza in the north of Italy, Rome, Florence, Naples, Vicenza, Campobasso and Arezzo.

Why should I choose you and not other jewelry resellers?

This is a very good question! Our strengths are:

  • Our designs are unique and highly exclusive
  • Our passion drives every choice we make
  • You'll support many Italian small businesses and artisans
  • Our jewelry pieces are handpicked according to the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • We are well established in the field of high-end jewelry
  • We have a large number of unique jewelry design pieces that you cannot find anywhere else
  • We select our artisans based on their experience, originality, and manufacturer techniques
  • We know every artisan who makes our goods. We believe in connecting with people and feel that the best way to deliver a quality product is to personally meet the makers of the jewelry we sell. We want to uphold our Italian artisan tradition and offer you not just a piece of jewelry, but a story: that of our artisans. Only in this way can we be sure that we know the origin, the quality and the people behind the products.
  • With an inventory of more than 1000 jewelry pieces, we are one of the largest sites where you can find the best and most exclusive jewelry


Where can I find you?

You can find our products on doralia.com and we participate in some of the most important international jewelry exhibitions and trade fairs like the JCK in Las Vegas and JIS Miami.