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The name Doralia combines two words, symbols of the most famous Italian craftsmanship, Dorato (Golden) and Italia (Italy)


Our Story


Doralia was born in 2018 after some years of study on digital transformation of the jewelry sector. The economic crisis in 2008 closed many Italian operations. The solution has been to create a new channel to enable artisans to be visible in other markets.

The Italian creativity had to be loved again all over the World.

Doralia is carefully selecting a great number of Italian artisans to craft and offer a wide variety of the world’s finest jewelry with an inclusive service and at a competitive price.

Today Doralia is the unique Italian high-end jewelry marketplace where artisans are connected to US customers without intermediaries.

The Doralia’s Made in Italy started in New York . . .




Doralia was born in 2018 in Milan, the fashion, food, architecture and art capital. Milan is the perfect example of old-world romance that meets urban grit.



The Doralia’s founders grew up in Valenza, together with the most famous jewelry brands like Bulgari, Damiani, Recarlo, Pasquale Bruni. It’s all done here. Operationals offices.


New York

Madison Avenue. Our first space in NYC and legal office of Doralia, Inc Unique, exciting, eclectic city, never-ordinary and beating heart of all the Americans


Our Partnership



The artisans

The Italian artisans are the symbol of Made in Italy in the world, more than 70% of the jewels sold all over the world are produced by them. The creativity of their minds together with the skills of their hands create the high-end quality recognised everywhere.


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Italy: (0039) 0131 942410
Customer Care: (0039) 375 7156081


NEW YORK |195 Plymouth St., Suite 6/6. Brooklyn, NY, 11201

VALENZA | Piazza Antonio Gramsci 9 1st Floor, Valenza, AL 15048, Italy

MILAN | Via Paolo da Cannobio 9,20122 Milan, Italy.


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