Sustainability our vision: responsibility for people, nature and wellbeing




At Doralia, we contribute 0.5% of our revenue to carbon removal

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change, but the technology is currently lagging behind. A fraction of every purchase from Doralia helps new carbon removal technologies scale. At Doralia, we believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal. Most new technology is expensive at first. Early adopters like Doralia help promising new carbon removal technologies lower their costs and scale up quickly.



Gender Equality and Inclusion

We believe that inclusion despite race or ethnicity, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and social background is the basis of human respect and concerns each individual life. We believe that human beings are intrinsically different and this diversity brings values and culture to the world and to Doralia. Fostering diversity is crucial to the success of our Company. Doralia is committed to achieving an inclusive and respectful work environment promoting gender equality by ensuring equal pay and career opportunities, as well as flexible and innovative ways of work. Our ambition is to achieve 50% female representation by the end of 2021 and promote LGBT+ initiatives.




Doralia supports Made in Italy by connecting a network of artisan jewelry-makers. The craftsman’s own creative process and production methodology are key features of Italian unique jewelry masterpieces. Doralia creates value, it is the getaway to international markets for small manufacturers that have the ambition but not yet the resources, the network and the digital know-how to access an international showcase. Doralia creates synergies, is the Made in Italy jewelry ambassador representing creativity, beauty, heritage, craftsmanship, uniqueness and know-how.



Goals and economic growth

Doralia bases its sustainability commitment focusing on the local jewelry artisanship heritage. Doralia defines a sustainable strategy to develop the specific opportunities presented by the local community of artisans. Jewellery makers actively participate in Doralia’s development, in a continuous exchange of experience and ideas. Doralia is the first Company that brings together the four major jewellery maker districts in Italy: Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo and Naples. Doralia’s digital strategy leads the way to sales growth and internationalisation of the artisan’s business. By sharing their manufacturing, creative and technological expertise, Doralia and the artisans become champions of economic, social, environmental and community values enhancement, in territories deeply impacted by the 2008 economic crisis. Each artisan has the opportunity to transfer to future generations its tradition and the modus operandi of Made in Italy craftsmanship.