Elle lives in Milan, a cosmopolitan city from which she has always drawn inspiration and determination.

After her college studies, she began to dedicate herself to personal luxury accessories and high-end cosmetics. In 2018, she was ready to start her second life and decided to create the brand "Ellence", which reflects her creative world.

She infuses art and passion into all her creations, emphasizing uniqueness and avoiding homologation, which encourages going beyond the exterior.

With her work, she inspires people to break away from stereotypes and be guided by a first-time look. An upside-down necklace can reveal a regal tiara if you free yourself from existing notions.

Each handmade creation is inspired by a variety of sources. Often, the unique properties of the gemstones evoke memories, emotions, and hopes and dreams in the artist. Most often, however, it is emotion that guides the artisan in the selection of materials. As a result, each piece becomes a wearable work of art - unique and precious.

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