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Living " Made in Italy "


Featuring Discovery Italy, a Los Angeles Design Travel Agency, here you can find out the best luxury travel proposal, to match the purchase of jewels. Enjoy the experience of an emotional journey between the most dreamed Italian locations!

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Travel Pack

Choose your Destination and give a unique gift to your beloved one. Add the travel pack along with the chosen piece of jewelry. Come visit the artisans labs and many other incredible places like Tuscany, Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Venice.





Sicilian Soul Luxury Tour

Antique furniture and precious brightly-painted ceramics of old Sicilian design, textiles in warm colours and an obsessive care in hiding the signs of the modern technology that guarantees high quality comfort, produce a harmonious atmosphere that will play an important part in your Sicilian experience; the rest will be played by the Sicilians, with their great sense of hospitality, their culture, their natural courtesy and kindness





SuperTuscan wine and art cities: for your palate and your soul


Supertuscan was the name invented by journalists in the English-speaking world to give a precise identity to the fine wines (primarily Sassicaia) produced in this area of Tuscany to pinpoint the absolute excellence of wine production (super) and the region where these wines are made (Tuscany), where the particular dry and sunny microclimate allows the cultivation of a series of vines of Bordeaux origin (such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot).