The ring loved by women who love to get noticed
symbol of the rebellion against prohibition that affected America a century ago
We are talking about the cocktail ring!

The cocktail ring is a jewel that symbolizes the fight against prohibition of which American women are among the protagonists. It was born in the roaring 20s, where luxury and prosperity dominated. Likewise, American women decided to dare exceeding and breaking down what were the standards of "Well educated girl". Thus the Flappers were born.

"Big Girls Need Big Diamonds"

Elizabeth Taylor

Flappers were the first women to believe they could dare, taking advantage of their beauty and elegance. Their purpose was to get noticed among a crowd of people, in order to shatter the stereotypes that mastered the ideals of the perfect woman. Their transgressive style did not take long to become a true icon to follow and imitate. Flappers loved to enrich their looks with accessories and in particular rings out of the ordinary, very showy; able to divert attention and charm a man: in particular that boy, that cocktail bar waiter.